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Infrared Thermometer-An Amazing Invention Of The 21st Century

Infrared thermometer is an amazing gadget that has helped the humanity a lot in the current pandemic. One of the symptoms of patients that have been affected with coronavirus is fever. Therefore, there is a need to measure the temperature of everyone to ensure if they are showing the symptoms or not. As we all know now, Covid-19 is very contagious, therefore it is not advisable to check temperature with good handheld tympanometer that need to be in contact with skin as that would be another means for the transport of virus. Therefore, in all the countries of the world, the use of infrared thermometer is very high. The reason for that is it does not need to be in contact with the skin to measure the temperature. You can simply point the IR gun towards the forehead of the other person and it will tell you their body temperature.

Various other uses of IR thermometer:

The infrared thermometer uses the infrared light to check the surface temperature of any object. Therefore, it also has a number of other uses as well. For that reason, you can use a thermometer that has a wide range. You can use it while cooking to check the surface temperature of oil for frying or other purposes. You can also use it in other industrial purposes for measuring surface temperatures where using a probe thermometer is not possible. For example if there is a complex electric circuitry, you cannot use a probe thermometer as it present electrocution hazard. If you need to measure the temperature of conveyer belts or any other impenetrable material like frozen items, you cannot use probe thermometer. Probe thermometer also present contamination hazard therefore you cannot use them in edibles. The IR temperature is also suitable for measuring temperature of surfaces that are out of reach like AC ducts etc.

Limitations of IR thermometer:

Although the IR thermometer is a very important and an impressive invention, but like everything else, it has its limitations. The main limitation is that it can only be used for measuring the surface temperature. Although you can use it for cooking, but you cannot use it for baking as it will only measure the temperature of the walls of the oven and not the inside. For that, you will have to use simple mercurial thermometers. The IR thermometer uses the principle of emissivity. According to this principle, every object emits IR radiation. The IR thermometer measures that emission and presents it in the form of body temperature. Therefore, if you are going to use this type of thermometer on different objects, you will need to make slight adjustments depending upon the emissivity of the surface under consideration.