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Application Of Cardboard Boxes

June 13, 2019 | Comments Off on Application Of Cardboard Boxes

The cardboard boxes have been in use from last 150 years. The economical mode of packaging is cheap cardboard boxes and its available in wide spread. Go here  for more information about storage solutions. 

The paper box was manufactured in 1817 in England and same year Cardboard Boxes were made in Germany. But after 1870, the cardboard industry started to gets its pace and its availability became widespread. As these cheap cardboard boxes are flexible in made and can be found in different shapes and sizes.  So they also have wide range of applications for industrial and domestic use. The list is below for some of the uses of these boxes

  • Packing and Relocation

The highest usage of cheap cardboard boxes are for packing the furniture, appliance, crockery and other household items, at the time of relocation. Due to options of different sizes, it is always convenient to uses the cardboard boxes as it can be available for every household thing

  • Logistics

Cardboard boxes have primary use in all industries. As it offers flexibility in choosing different sizes and so it enables it to pack different range of goods. It also helps in to provide standardization in packaging of items, which make them easy to transport. This feature also make to use the maximum capability of vehicle which reduces the logistics cost

  • Storage

NO household can be found which doesn’t have any of cardboard boxes. People always keep cardboard box at home to store extra household items for shorter of longer period. Even daily use items can also be stored in these boxes as they occupy less space and are easy to move.

  • Floor Protection

Another popular use of cardboard boxes in Household or offices, is for preventing floor in events in unusual events like paint job, water overflow etc. Boxes can be unfolded and converted to sheets; those sheets will be paced on floor. Can be taped or glue. Cardboard is good absorbing material, it’s absorb water also and provide protective shield against any stains of paint or oils.

  • Documents Filing

For storage and organizations of documents or books, cheap cardboard boxes Melbourne are in extensive use. They can also be used for storage of boxes for longer period. Many organizations still have their warehouse, where these card boxes are used for documents archiving; these boxes can be placed on shelves of warehouse racks. All the boxes get labelled and contain paper files with appropriate labeling

  • Plantation

People use cardboard boxes for in-house plantation. These boxes are used for this recreational activity. Due to easy access of boxes in houses, it’s convenient for people to use the same for growing plants at home. Using these boxes make easier to displace the plants from one place to another, without wearing them out.


  • Kids Recreational Items

Schools and kids training centers use cardboard boxes for developing recreational models for kids. They can prepare replica of real life items like car, aero plane by using cardboard boxes. Even science projects can also be made with the help thee cardboard boxes.