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3 Extreme Cases When You Should Visit An Emergency Dentist

A permanent tooth is an irreplaceable asset. Once it is gone, it will not come back. Healthy teeth are not only good for one’s looks, but they also play an important role in your daily-life activities such as eating and talking. However, there are some cases where unexpected injuries might occur to the mouth. In such circumstances, you may only have a few hours to attend to your teeth after which the damage may be irreversible. In such circumstances, scheduling a dental-appointment may not be your best option due to the long waiting periods. Most dental appointments require a minimum of 24 hours to schedule. The best solution would be to visit an emergency dentist Burwood. Emergency dental clinics allow patients to be treated immediately. It pays to keep in mind three of the major situations where you should get immediate oral attention.

The most common situation which requires immediate attention involves a broken tooth. Whether you are an athlete who has broken a tooth during training, or you simply broke your tooth by falling from the stairs, you should visit a dental surgeon immediately. A broken tooth can be re-joined within a few hours of displacement. If the whole tooth has been displaced, then you may only have 2 hours, before it gets permanent. This is common amongst players where the risk of breaking one’s teeth is high. In such situations, you may also lose a part of your filling, braces or other parts of your dental treatment piece. Such cases require immediate replacement. Studies have shown that treatment pieces that are not replaced immediately can increase the treatment time significantly. As soon as you become aware of a missing treatment piece, you should get professional help immediately.

While many people, often take good care of their teeth, the often neglect taking care of their gums. A broken tooth might be easily recognizable, while gum disease may go unnoticed. However, according to many dentists, maintaining healthy gums is just as important as taking care of the teeth.

This is because an injury or a gum-disease will have negative effects on the teeth as well. A gum-disease can cause permanent damage to one’s teeth as its effects can reach the root of the tooth. If you ever experience pain in the gum or your gum is constantly bleeding, it is a sign that you need to visit an professional dentists Camberwell. This is because gum diseases can spread very quickly. They are treated more effectively in the early stages and delay in treatment could lead to further complications. In any of these cases, visiting an emergency dentist can help save your teeth and maybe even your life.

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