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Guide For Buying Knife Gate Valve And Butterfly Valves

January 27, 2021 | Comments Off on Guide For Buying Knife Gate Valve And Butterfly Valves

knife gate valves

When you are in the business of manufacturing something or in the business where you require a huge plant well then valves are your best friend when it comes to control the flow of any types of liquid or substance that you are manufacturing or mining.

In recent years the use of these valves especially knife gate valves and butterfly valves have become more popular than ever. When you think about reliability of these valves well then it all depends on the build quality of it and how much abuse they can handle.

Thinking about consequences of these valves failing can have disastrous affect, especially your plant can come under a full halt. When these valves fail or if they fail well then be prepared for a hefty amount of maintenance and repair plus your main production will suffer the most.

Let us have a look at some consequences that you can face when you have valve failure.

  • Leakage on the internal gate.
  • Leakage due to wrong adjustment of stroke.
  • If the build quality is poor then you can face leakage on the external side.
  • Seals failure is also common.
  • Electronic actuators can also fail to operate properly.

We have seen some of the worst valve failures that you might have only heard about. We have seen some horrible consequences that have either ended with serious injuries or deaths which are always the reason of law suits which can then end up with company going under huge loss.

When you are selecting the right size of valves well then you need to consider few things such as.

  1. You should place the valve in a position where it slopes at an angle that the valves don’t close off in a settled bed. This will definitely minimize the time between the shutdown of pump and also the closure of valves.
  2. These slurry gate valves have a separator that can separate substance or particles at a high flow. When you are in a business of mining then these valves are very important especially in taking out slurry which is very corrosive and flammable.
  3. When thinking about buying valves few things to consider that can help you in your search.
  • Where will the valve be located?
  • What will the operation’s frequency?
  • What pressure will it be running on?
  • What sort of corrosiveness can be expected?
  • What would be the criteria of shutoff?

When you ask these few questions yourself only then you can decide upon the correct valve that you will require.