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How To Create A Warehouse Security Camera System

January 27, 2023 | Comments Off on How To Create A Warehouse Security Camera System

warehouse security camera system

As the throughput volume rises, managing your warehouse becomes more and more challenging. Our bpointcomms camera systems are made for more than simply security; they also help you manage your property. This cutting-edge NVR platform can integrate with the majority of security cameras currently available (or with our own AI cameras) to provide you additional information and the capability to rapidly view everything that occurs in your warehouse. Don’t settle for a warehouse security camera system with subpar playback capabilities; for almost 20 years, our AVM system has been outperforming those systems. With our cutting-edge CMS4 software, you may quickly browse through days, weeks, or even months’ worth of footage. As a result, you can follow each pallet from the time it arrives until it departs your warehouse, as well as everything in between. Easily locate misplaced pallets, show shippers a video of the pallets being loaded, and demonstrate that the merchandise was not damaged at your facility. When you have a security camera system for warehouse that is actually intended to help manage your home, anything is possible. In order to meet your demands, we at bpointcomms thoroughly listen to our customers’ needs before developing a security camera solution. We then follow this up with continuing technical support and training to make sure you get the most out of your investment. We are aware that anyone can instal a camera, but not just anyone can create and use a solution.

Protection for your assets and workers’ peace of mind

There are countless obligations that come with owning a small business. Your commercial security camera system is not something you have time to worry about. The safety of your assets and people, however, should be your top priority. That must be possible without entering a complex commercial system. You want our most straightforward offering—one that will get the job done quickly and simply. We’re here to assist you choose the precise security solution that will best suit the demands of your company. We offer the ideal fit for you, whether it be a single retail site or a franchise with multiple locations.

more protection for enterprises

To protect employee safety and provide operational flexibility, bpointcomms offers commercial security camera systems and video management solutions for office buildings, retail stores, and hotels.

backed by trustworthiness

We offer technical support for our commercial security camera system, reducing the possibility of faults and downtime while boosting visitor safety.

Make use of data while making decisions

You may make educated, data-driven decisions with the use of AI technologies included in commercial cameras, such as appearance search, behavioural analysis, and ALPR functionality.

Watch your boundaries

Using ALPR technology, control access to the parking lot and keep track of all vehicles that enter the site’s grounds.