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Shall A Native English Speaker Hire An English Tutor?

January 31, 2020 | Comments Off on Shall A Native English Speaker Hire An English Tutor?

There are two types of people who resides in this world, one are the type of people who belongs to the particular place and are known as native people. Then there is another category of people who have migrated to that particular place and are known as non-natives. Non-natives can have some problems while adjusting to a new land and the biggest one is definitely of the language because even if a non-native has been living in that particular place for years still he would not be able to speak in the same accent as natives. Teachers are there to help students overcome their language barrier but what about the native speakers, especially native English speakers? Do they also need to hire English tutors in Hoppers Crossing for themselves?  This article is going to answer all of such questions.  

English tutor: 

Tutor is the person who imparts education to his students. Even though; both teacher and tutor belongs to the same category and deserves equal amount of respect but there lays a minute difference between the two. Teacher is the person who teaches in an educational institute like school, college or university whereas tutor in Keysborough is a person who teaches private classes either in tuition centre or in the student’s home. English tutor is definitely the one who teaches English language and English literature. Now, a person might ask a question that why should one pay for a tutor when he already has a teacher.  Basically, some of the students are shy to ask question in front of a whole class to the teacher so they hire a tutor instead. Moreover, some students require more attention which they can get from a tutor. 

Shall a native English speaker hire an English tutor? 

It is well understood fact that non-native English speakers must hire an English tutor to improve their grip on the English language but the question that arises is that shall a native English speaker also hire an English tutor? The answer to this question is of course, why not. There is no doubt that native English speakers speak their mother tongue quite fluently but there are lots of other things that are taught in an English class. These things may differ from English literature that constitutes of various novels, dramas, prose and poetry to English language like grammar, idioms, composition and much more. So, it is best to hire an English tutor for both; native English speakers as well as non-native English speakers. 


English tutor is the person who teaches English language and English literature either in tuition centre or in student’s home. It is important for both; native English speaker and non-native English speaker to hire an English tutor for themselves because they not only teaches about the basic English language but also teaches English literature like novels,  dramas, plays and much more. “Spectrum tuition” offers the services of best English tutors in various parts of Australia.