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Top 4 Water Features You Can Add To Upgrade Up Your Garden

September 30, 2019 | Comments Off on Top 4 Water Features You Can Add To Upgrade Up Your Garden

Some people are attracted to beauty, they like to have beautiful things around them. People who love beauty more often than not have tremendous taste in setting up rooms and architecture as well. An eye for detail ensures that everything around it is in its finest condition. Some people love to garden, they love to nourish plants and spend time with nature. For this purpose, people often leave large empty spaces in front of the house to make a garden sometime. These empty spaces should be utilized carefully, by making out most of the space. If you are also one of those people, on the lookout for ideas to upgrade your garden then keep on reading.

Adding water features to your garden area can be an excellent idea. Water features are not something new, they are being used by centuries, but today the market is filled with technologically advanced water features and that too in a very reasonable price. Water features are a set, or a single landscape or architectural design that is set in the garden and has running water as its main attraction. If you are debating to buy a water feature for your house, most commonly used and highly rated water features are discussed below.

  • Fish pond

Fish ponds are one of the most commonly added water features out there. Not only in gardens, have some people liked to place the fish pond in the boundary of their house inside the living room. These ponds should have working oxygen at all times to keep fishes in optimal health. Fish ponds are best suitable for houses where small kids and toddlers are not present as they can be dangerous for kids.

  • Artificial waterfall

Places where a large area is required to be covered, installation of artificial waterfall seem to be good idea. Their waterfalls are perfect water features as they also contain high value. A stone or brick wall is placed behind and in front a waterfall in continuous stream is laid. These artificial waterfalls have their own reservoir of water that is recycled and used again and again.

  • Water gardens

If you are looking for some unique water features ideas, then this one might tickle your fancy. A floor laid with pebble rounded stones or a brick wall with a water garden on top sounds like an excellent idea. This water garden can contain such plants and flowers that flourish in water such as water lily.

  • Fountains

This one is pretty much most of the used and overused water feature as water fountains are being installed since centuries. Water fountains can be main center of attraction of your garden and stay there as show stopper. These fountains usually come with its own water reserving and pumping equipment. The water is reused and recycled again and again and is stored in scum. Today market is filled with light fountains and music fountains that work with coordination of light and music and it is surely is not to be missed.